5 Easy Appetizers For a Company Party

After working hard all day at work, it’s always good to unwind and have some fun. And one of the best ways to do that is through a party. With friends and colleagues around, company parties are always special and have an exciting atmosphere. Another thing that makes it special, are the mouthwatering dishes that are served.

Before the main food for a company party is served, it is always good to start on a lighter note, and this is where appetizers come in. Appetizers are very important because they set the tone for the main dish that is to come. There are so many forms of great appetizers, but here are some of the best appetizers for your company party.

Cocktail Meatballs

Meatballs are a very common restaurant appetizer and one of the best party appetizers. There are even some private dining restaurants that serve meatballs. They are easy to make and can be made into various forms depending on the ingredients used.

Many people have played around with the meatball recipe and have created a lot of delicious variations. Some people use chicken and some use beef. An example of a variation is the cocktail meatball that creates a symphony of flavors in your mouth because of the mix of ground beef with tart, lemon juice and some other spices, creating a meatball wonder.

Deviled Eggs

Don’t be alarmed! These eggs are not possessed by the devil, but filled with something more tantalizing. Deviled eggs, also called stuffed eggs or dressed eggs are hard boiled chicken eggs that have been shelled, cut in half, and typically stuffed with mustard and mayonnaise. But these ingredients could sometimes vary to spice things up a little. A variation of the normal deviled egg is the Tex-Mex deviled egg which is infused with cilantro and chili powder.


Who says you can’t have a little dessert before dinner? Eaten by almost everyone, cakes are one of the best party appetizers to serve at a company party. They come in different forms – a straightforward and simple form is a nice cupcake. You can also do cake pops, or small servings of cakes with toothpicks so they’re easy to eat during a cocktail hour. Choose from a large pool of cake options and delight your guests with an unforgettable sweet experience.

Chicks in Blankets

Similar to pigs in a blanket (another great option), these are dough-wrapped chicken and apple sausages baked to give a light brown texture and tender feel.  The chicken and apple sausages pair well with the dough to create a balanced sweet and spicy taste, keeping your taste buds constantly excited.

Chicks in blankets are common restaurant appetizers and are best served fresh from the oven. They are very simple to make and require ingredients that are easily available.

Cheese Balls

There are several ways to turn cheese into a great appetizer for your party. One common way is to bake cheese balls. Ingredients like sour cream and potatoes are mixed with cheese, rolled into balls, and put in an oven to bake. You can also make cheese balls with your favorite veggies. Don’t miss out on the delicious cheesy flavor that cheese balls have to offer. In a pinch, serving a normal cheese board always goes over well too.

Appetizers have become a major aspect of food experience therefore making choosing great party appetizers is a very important decision. Good food for a company party plays a very vital role in sustaining it, and to keep people excited at your party. That is why it is good to have a good first impression and start your party with these great and delicious appetizers.

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