A Guide to Don Julio Tequila

Appreciating a game-changer is natural for everybody. You can think of your favorite chocolate bar, weekend getaway place, or taking the time to savor the best margarita in town. If you are scanning the bar for something new, one of the game-changers out there is called a tequila called Don Julio.

When the production prioritized quantity over quality, this specific tequila changed and challenged the norm. You may want to ask at these times about which Don Julio tequila tasted best? especially when the company decided to hold their bottles short. When everyone else is giving away their tall bottles, the crystal-clear agave bones were given a chance to provide everyone with a drink that they would love for a lifetime.

If you want to know more about this bottle, here are some pieces of information about this that may interest you.

The Bottles were Founded by a Teenager

You may find yourself at the age of 17 rebelling to your parents and just getting into an angry state most of the time. However, you may want to differentiate a particular teenager in Jalisco, Mexico, in 1942. He only wanted to support his family, and because of his dreams, he laid the foundation of the first luxury tequila all over the world.

Don Julio was the Name of the Teenager

As some people may have already guessed, the drink’s name comes from the person who discovered it. When Don Julio Gonzalez began his distilling journey, everyone knew that he had many plans in mind.

He may want to supplement an income for the family of nine pesos a week, but he also happened to be passionate about tequila. You can read more about tequila on this site here.

There’s just something about the rough, fiery, and raw workhouse that will seduce your senses. You may be kicked into sweet nothing if you have too much. It was believed that he wanted the world to savor a fine whisky that he also happens to love.

Investments were made from Borrowed Money

Many ventures out there are worth your effort and energy – higher education may be one of those, but you get the gist – and some begin with a loan. The adolescent Don Julio introduced his standards and ways of production to a local businessman. When that businessman was impressed with the plans, he agreed to a loan so that the owner can start a distillery. The agave plants have found their way to sophisticated ovens, and the first bottles were produced.

You’re Getting the Granddaddy of Super Premium

Aside from the standards that Don Julio has introduced, he also wanted everyone to know about the character of the Blue Weber agave plant itself. This was the brand that changed the way the customers look at tequila, and it laid the foundation of super-premium bottles.

This is where you didn’t expect a single tequila to sell more than $26 and above. Seven decades after the distillation began, the super premiums’ sales have gotten to more than 700%, and it’s expected to continue rising in the next few years.

Off-Trend was the Intentional Design

The bottles were lean, long, and practical during the century that Don Julio lived. These tequilas were tucked under the table until someone needed a refill. There was no point in improving the aesthetics, and it wasn’t as crucial as today.

Don Julio decided that he would do things differently and went in the off-trend direction. He designed something awkward, short, and squat. The goal is to differentiate the bottles of spirits from the rest, and he aims to create something distinctive. They are kept on the table because they don’t necessarily block your partners’ drunken face during a drinking session.

There’s Chemistry Involved

Don Julio had a master who taught him everything about chemistry, and the name was Enrique de Colsa. He was the one who introduced the young lad on how to handle liquid where the teenager should be vigilant and should use rubber gloves for extra care.

The whole thing involves a lot of chemicals and various equations as well. De Colsa let the young Don Julio handle compressors, filters, and bombs. A good background in chemistry was one of the factors why it’s so successful today.

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