Bespoke Wine Racks and Materials for your Cellars

Bespoke wine racks will fit any space, and this will suit you whether you want the perfect decor under the stairs or have a vast area where you store your favorite champagnes. Fortunately, if you are building your dream cellar, you can ask for a custom-made rack that will fit your desired space.

You may want to get the hardwood racks or the metal ones that will provide you with the design that you are looking for. Bespoke designs will encourage you to become a wine lover, and even if you are already a connoisseur, you will be able to get more of your favorite and expensive wines.

So many residential owners get bespoke designs because they are affordable and tailor-made for every living space. You can get the hardwood racks or the traditional varieties that will be a perfect solution when deciding to store your favorite aged beverages.

Things to Know Before Placing an Order

You won’t run out of manufacturers and suppliers online. However, there are certain factors that you need to consider before you order a custom wine racking feature inside your cellar. You could start by defining the storage system that you always dreamed of. Some of the questions that you need to ask are the following:

  • What are the spaces and sizes of your preferred racks? These are the dimensions that can fit the bottles that you intend to place in the slots. It’s recommended to tell the company where you will put the racks so they can maximize the space for dimensions if needed.
  • Do you have a lot of bottles that you need to store? What are the sizes of each bottle? It would be best if you were specific to choose a storage that can hold both the regular 0.75L wine or the magnum varieties.
  • Do you have a spending limit, or does your budget fit your needs?
  • What specific designs you want to see? Do you want the diamond racks, cubes, case racks, shelves?

Other Factors to Contemplate

  1. Check the specifications and make sure to get the measurements right.

The dimensions should still allow plenty of rooms and space inside your cellar. There are the vents and exhausts that you need to make allowances for each unit. The cabinet should have a clearance of about six inches around it so that they can cool themselves. If you have decided to build the unit inside the cellar, you can add surrounding cabinetry with plenty of allowances into the surrounding spaces.

  1. You need to consider each cabinet’s style, and they should match the room’s interior décor.

If you have retro themes or you like everything to look antique, it’s best if you get wooden racks. The cabinets that look sleek and modern may look out of place if your cellar is old.

You can choose from various designs, and the pieces can range from classic to contemporary. The ultra-modern ones will match newer homes and sleeker displays of aging wines. You can read more about wine aging when you click here.

You may want to add built-in appliances and granite countertops if you’re going with the more modern theme. The colors should also match the room’s overall look to make the area more appealing to the eyes.

  1. Choose the right finishing touches.

You may want to get stained wood made from beech or oaks. Some of them may have reddish to brownish hues. If you are browsing online, request pictures of the overall look of the wooden material that you plan to use. Select the finishes that will last, and they should be beautiful to look at after your cellar is finished.

Keep in mind that the bespoke finishes will cost more, but they can be excellent investments because of their overall feel and look. If there are options for pine, wild cherry, or oak, make sure to get a picture of how they will look inside your cellar before choosing them.

If you lean more into the contemporary side, sturdy metals can be your best choice. The stainless steel exteriors will add a gleaming finish to your storage area.

  1. Know if you need interior racking.

It’s essential to focus on the fact that you need personal wine storage. You can have plenty of options, including presentation shelves, sliding, and other interior racking that will make the bottles safe and secure. If there are configurations that you want to add, don’t hesitate to tell them to your contractor.

If you choose the cheaper cabinets, make sure that they are not the stationary types of shelves. This way, accessing the bottle for a good drink will not be too difficult and awkward if you try to get them from the back. It’s also essential to get pull-out shelves that will not be pulled all out, which makes another difficult feat of accessing the bottles in the back. Do your research well and make life easier with custom cabinets.

  1. Size, length, and width are important factors.

The racking spaces and bottle sizes should all be considered if you want to get bespoke racks. If you opt for a cabinet, you need a standard size where a 12 inches tall bottle with a 3-inch diameter can easily fit in the spaces.

The racks should also accommodate some bigger bottles that require about 5-inch or larger slots. The large bottles like Champagne, Pinot, or Burgundy should fit in your chosen racks without any problems.

  1. Know the temperature and specifications of the cooling units.

Connect the cooling units of the racks or cabinets to the power source. Listen to how the unit works. If you notice that there’s little vibrating and the noise becomes louder over time, then you may want to consider others that are quieter.

The unit should have an interface for temperature control. This is an important factor as your cellar should be cooled all the time. The room’s desired climate should be adequately maintained, and there should be options for multi-temperature controls if possible.

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