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Be Amazed By The Level Of Speciality Coffee In The UK

In London, specialty coffee has been rapidly evolving, and it has grown in popularity in the past years. The number of small business roasteries and coffee shops is rising to serve customers’ demands in this seemingly new trend. It’s essential to take a look at how the industry is faring in the UK and what the local businesses are saying. Continue reading “Be Amazed By The Level Of Speciality Coffee In The UK”

How American Sweets Should Be Enjoyed

American sugar consumption is as high as 126 grams per day, while in Germany, they consume 103 grams per day. The good thing about America is its different sweets, which are hard or cannot be found outside its borders.

They have candy collections available in various forms, making it the main thing foreigners strive to taste once they get to America. Taste the sweets as it’s hyped, especially on films and internet space. Continue reading “How American Sweets Should Be Enjoyed”

Can You Enjoy Barbecue On A Low Glycemic Diet?

Barbecue season is here, but a lot of traditional barbecue dishes can really destroy your summer diet. Potato and pasta salads are full of simple carbs and fatty mayonnaise, while popular barbecue sauces, including homemade ones, are packed with sugar. What does that mean, then, if you’re trying to stick to a low-glycemic diet? While it’s entirely possible to enjoy summer hangouts while managing what you eat, you’ll need to be strategic about the dishes you make to share.

Continue reading “Can You Enjoy Barbecue On A Low Glycemic Diet?”