Campfire Cooking: “Baked” Potatoes

  Basic method for “baking” potatoes in a campfire or wood-burning stove. (Also, includes directions for conventional ovens.)

Although campfires are common summertime events, many people still enjoy building up fires on cool fall nights – for a single evening or several nights running on a camping or hunting trip. Regardless of the season, campfires are generally accompanied by food. Hot dogs and marshmallows are common campfire fare, but a whole world of culinary options exist that use the open flame or piping hot coals. After all, before the advent of electric and gas ranges, cooking methods almost always used the heat, directly or indirectly, of burning wood.

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How to Grill Tender Chicken Breasts

Notorious cardboard dry and flavorless chicken breasts get a bad rap. But when done well, each bite is flavorful and tender. With the right know-how, it is an easy dinner to get perfect every time. 

Perfecting boneless, skinless, grilled chicken breast depends on how you prepare the chicken and what you do to it on the grill. The key steps are to (1) pound the chicken into even thickness, (2) brine to avoid dry, rubbery chicken, and (3) grill over low heat to keep them moist.  Continue reading “How to Grill Tender Chicken Breasts”

How to Make Beef Braised with Moroccan Spice

Cooks on a Budget Finds Unique Ways to Use Inexpensive Cuts of Meat.

An assertive blend of spices combined with a hint of dried fruit sweetness characterize many Moroccan or Moroccan-inspired dishes.

This is a great recipe for chuck roast or whatever is the least expensive beef in the market. These cuts generally want low and slow cooking to tenderize them. A slow braise is ideal for melding the complex of flavors in this Moroccan-inspired dish.

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