Dishwasher Job Responsibilities That Might Come As A Surprise

If you have never worked in a restaurant, you might have a slightly wrong idea about what it is that dishwashers do. Your first thought is: “Well, they wash the dishes”. And that is correct, but that’s not the whole job description. Imagine standing over a sink and rinsing all day, or loading and unloading a dish machine. You would get bored during your first hour, trust me. Check this out.

People often take this job for granted, simply due to lack of knowledge and information. They hear the word, make assumptions and move on. Don’t be one of those. In order to help you better understand that soaking and cleaning silverware is not the only thing a dishwasher does, let me list a few other commonly used terms for this position.

In addition to the above mentioned, the most common title for this job is “kitchen helper”. Has this made things a bit clearer now? Furthermore, the people filling this role in the hospitality industry are also called breakdown persons, bus persons, tray line workers, utility aides and more.

Complexity And Importance

As you can see from these titles, there is a lot more to it than polishing plates and making glasses shine. The term “kitchen helper” was probably enough to make you realize that the job is more complex than you first thought. After all, a lot is done in a kitchen and it doesn’t all involve detergent.

Therefore, if you are thinking about applying for a dishwasher job, you should be aware that it is more complex than it sounds. Of course, with more complexity comes more responsibility. A whole lot of people depend on the work of this person, so it is vital to understand the importance of the job in advance, instead of waving your hand and saying: “Meh, I could do it in my sleep”.

But, don’t let this frighten you. It’s not science fiction. And it might involve some duties that you haven’t thought of before, but that does not imply that you will be toiling restlessly. What’s for sure is that it is a dynamic job, which means that your shift will be over before you know it. Time flies in the hospitality world.


Now, this whole time after reading the very first paragraph, you are probably wondering when I will get to the responsibilities themselves. I have been talking more about what dishwashers don’t do, and you have started to fear if you will ever find out what they actually do. Fear no more, the time has come.

So, settle in, get comfortable and get started. You are about to find out what to expect from your new job, should you decide to apply for one. Better yet, you are about to find out what will be expected of you.

Read a quick description here:

Doing Dishes

I know I have been going about this forever and explaining how it isn’t the only responsibility of a kitchen helper. However, it is the main one and you should know what it comprises. As usually, there’s more to it than it seems.

Naturally, you start by collecting dirty dishes from dining areas and taking them to the cleaning areas. After that, you have to use the equipment designated for cleaning them. And finally, you dry them and place them in the storage areas.

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