Distilled Water vs. Purified Drinking Water

With a world full of pollution, pesticides, and manmade toxins, people are becoming even more aware of what they are putting into their bodies. Most of us are investing in our health by buying fresh produce and organic meats and dairy. Making this change in diet has a healthier effect on our minds and bodies.

Considering that we consist of 70% water, it’s important that we take our H2O intake seriously too. With the number of different types of water available on the market, it can be quite confusing knowing which ones are healthier than others.

Let’s take a closer look at distilled and purified options to see how they compare.

Distilled H2O

To remove all impurities like protozoa, viruses, and bacteria, water goes through an extra distillation process after it has been purified. It involves the boiling of it and the collection of droplets formed by steam. Watch this video on how you can make your very own distilled water at home.

Because this kind of H2O is seen as extremely pure it is used in many healthcare facilities all over the world as well as laboratories. Even though distilled water isn’t as popular to be used for drinking as other purified types, it is still free of any contaminants and toxins.

Distilled bottles are therefore a form of purified H2O and delicious to the taste.

Purified H2O

Pure H2O is created when all impurities like contaminants and chemicals are removed from tap or groundwater through a filtering process. The filtering process ensures that parasites, chemicals, pollutants, fungi, parasites, algae, and bacteria are all removed to give us a pleasing thirst-quenching experience.

It’s important that H2O is put through this process to ensure it is safe for human consumption. In many countries, where there isn’t access to purified units, citizens can become extremely ill. The WHO (World Health Organization) actually conducted a survey that proved more than 2 billion people don’t have access to safe drinking fluids.

Depending on international standards and government regulations the methods of creating purified units will vary. Learn more about the history and development of purified units here.

In the United States, for example, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has set a limit of the number of contaminants that are allowed in taps. It’s important that the government regulate the agreeance of these limits to ensure the safety of its citizens.

Different methods like filtration, disinfection, flocculation, and sedimentation are used to ensure all publicly accessible water sources are clean and unharmful. Depending on the area, different methods will be used.

Even though most governments and watering systems try to stick within the rules and regulations, some H2O sources are still filled with heavy metals like copper that is extremely unhealthy.

Drinking from the tap might not be such a great idea, especially in countries where local municipalities don’t focus on different cleaning methods. For this reason, private companies have developed their own methods to give affordable thirst quenchers to the public. At an affordable price you can buy gallons of your own purified units.

Benefits of Purification

Many people have completely ditched the idea of drinking from the tap and are now only investing in purified drinking water from external companies. As well as in-home filtration devices. Most companies like this will give the consumer affordable prices on their products with the guarantee that it is safe and contaminant-free.

Different purification systems can now be added to the tap which can further remove harmful chemicals like chlorine, metals, and bacteria. Studies have shown that drinking contaminated tap water can result in an increased risk of certain cancers as well as digestive system problems.

Another excellent benefit of investing in purified H2O is that it removes the unpleasant taste of chemically treated units. Resulting in a fresh taste.

In order for our bodies to function properly, achieve homeostasis, and stay hydrated it’s important that we drink loads of water throughout the day. Make sure that you when you do hydrate that you invest in an option that is clean and unharmful. Spending a few extra cents on a brand that produces clear and healthy units is worth it.

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