Home Upgrades to Consider for Grilling Enthusiasts

If you love grilling, you’ll want a home that fully supports (and enhances) your habit. With the right home upgrades, you can make more room for your grill, you can

beautify your exterior so you can enjoy the activity more, and you can even change the interior so you have easier access or more alternative cooking options.

With a bit of time and an ample budget, you can easily turn your home into a grilling paradise.

Consider Looking for a New Home

Would you buy a new home just so you could have more space for grilling? Probably not, but if you’re thinking about moving anyway, or if you’re dissatisfied with the performance or look of your home in other areas, the grilling problem might put you over the top.

If you’re in the market for a new home, you’ll want to find a place with a near-perfect structure; look for a house with plenty of outdoor space, and preferably a deck or a patio where you can grill on a regular basis. If there’s a roomy backyard that’s fenced in, even better. You’ll also want to invest in a home with a modern kitchen with ample space—or at least plan for a kitchen renovation before you finish moving in. And while you’re at it, consider the neighborhood; chances are, you’ll want to invite your neighbors over for a barbecue at some point. Are these people who seem social and neighborly?

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find the right home for the right price. But with just a few hundred hours, you could study to obtain your own real estate license; with that in hand, you’ll have access to far more deals than the average consumer, and you’ll be much better able to “sniff out” the good deals on the market.

Exterior Upgrades to Make

You’ll be doing most of your grilling (and eating) outdoors, so exterior upgrades should be some of your top priorities. These are some of the most important investments to consider:

  • Finish the deck. If you haven’t yet, finish the deck or patio area. The nicer this is, the more you’re going to enjoy your grilling (and eating).
  • Add better seating. Seating is great for sitting down to enjoy your finished meal, or to enjoy some company as you finish up the cooking. Get comfortable chairs, and make sure they’re readily available.
  • Invest in better lighting. Do you ever grill at twilight? The right lighting can instantly give you a better experience.
  • Install a sturdy umbrella. A sturdy, thick umbrella can shield you and your guests from light rain—or help block out the oppressive heat of the sun.
  • Add a roof. For an even more robust layer of protection, consider adding a roof to the grilling area.
  • Consider an outdoor heater. An outdoor heater can keep you warm, extending the length of grilling season well into the fall—or even winter.
  • Create a bar area. A bar, with a handful of barstools, can create more room for your guests and greatly improve your atmosphere.
  • Add a mini fridge. Keep a mini fridge nearby so you can readily grab drinks to stay hydrated.

Interior Upgrades to Make

Of course, you can’t rule out the prospect of taking your cooking inside or eating indoors. These interior upgrades can also help you improve your grilling hobby:

  • Add more counter space. Cooking requires a lot of counter space—especially if you’re going to be preparing lots of sides. You can make the experience more pleasant for everyone involved (including you) by adding more counter space in the kitchen. Consider extending what you have, or adding a new island.
  • Invest in a ventilation hood. If you’re going to be generating a lot of smoke from your cooking, consider investing in a ventilation hood. That way, you can get more of that smoky flavor in the foods you cook indoors without worrying about the scent lingering or damaging the room.
  • Get the right appliances: Of course, indoor grilling is difficult without the right indoor grill, grill pan, and/or oven and stove. Shop around and get the best appliances you can afford for your indoor setup.

With the right home and the right upgrades, you’ll find it much more comfortable to grill and much more enjoyable to indulge in your culinary creations when they’re done. Renovations and additions can get expensive—especially if you have to overall a structure that’s already in place—but in many cases, you’ll increase the value of your home while simultaneously creating a better area for your own purposes. In other words, you’ll recover at least some of your expenses when you go to sell the house. Crunch the numbers carefully before moving forward. 

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