How To Choose A Steak Knife

Who doesn’t love a juicy steak? And it’s way more enjoyable when you use the right knife, so steak knives are must haves in your kitchen. Steak knives are also the go to knives for that meal with chicken leg quarters, cornish hens, ham steaks, and the like.

Now, if you don’t want you or your guests experiencing the exasperation and embarrassment of the meat flying off the plate. then there’s wisdom in investing in superior quality steak knives.

Here is a guide published on Simply Fresh Dinners on how to choose the best kitchen knife set

Choosing the Right Steak Knife

Blade Material

Most steak knife blades are made from the highly recommended material, stainless steel.  Known for its resistance to rust (considering that there is salt content in the meat), stainless steel is also durable compare to carbon or ceramic blades.

Blade – straight or serrated?

Serrated steak knives may be better for cutting tougher cuts of meat or hard crusts but the serrated steak knife cuts like a saw tearing the meat fibres instead of cleanly slicing them. Then, when the blade becomes dull, it’s a lot harder to sharpen and needs specialist sharpening equipment.

However, straight bladed steak knives will glide through the meat giving you a smooth, clean cut without tearing through the fibres.  So, if the look of your steak is important to you, and it should, you’ll want to opt for a straight blade.

Plus, straight bladed steak knives can be sharpened frequently to help them maintain their performance and are easily honed, with just a regular kitchen, steel or stone knife sharpener.


Serious steak lover that you are, you’re more concerned about the performance of the steak knife than the optics of it, right? Your steak knife should therefore have curves and edges that make for a better grip on the knife so it fits beautifully in your hand.

Blade and Handle

Blade plus handle should be a perfect match. A steak knife’s handle needs to complement its blade’s weight and durability based on what they are made of and how they are made.  The steak knife’s blade and handle must be in sync so they do a quick and sharp work in cutting those morsels of meat.

That is best achieved when your steak knife has a seamless design, leaving no gaps between the blade and handle, this enhances the steak knife’s structure so it cuts through your delicious steak effortlessly.

The Laguiole Steak Knife

High performance and aesthetic appeal come together in the 100% handmade French Laguiole steak knife.

Laguiole steak knives are quite impressive looking, with matte-finished wooden or aluminium handles.  These knives are made in keeping with the ancestral traditional Laguiole process which means there are 170 manual operations involved in producing each knife.

Laguiole is a generic name for handmade knives from the French Aubrac region, around the small village of Laguiole and even their blades feature handcrafted decorations.

These stylish, French Laguiole knives are available in sets of 6 with 4 types of handles- natural, ebony wood , oliver tree wood, brown horn  and Aluminium. Of course, there are matching fork and spoon sets.

French Laguiole knives are the steak knives of choice when you want relish that steak. Just make you got the real deal by looking for the certificate of authenticity befor you purchase. Your dinner guests will be so impressed.

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