How To Find Natural Meat For The Grill

There is a rising number of people who are starting to realize that not all meat is raised naturally anymore.

Much of our beef, pork, and poultry come from large operations that not always feed the animals the food they should eat.

Grass-fed beef

Let’s have a look at cows and how your beef is raised and comes to your local stores.

The beef that you eat can be raised anywhere in the world and slaughtered and shipped to your supermarket.

You have no idea what that cow eat during its life and not even if it was raised on a pasture or in a so-called feeding lot.

All cows start on a diet of grass. After that, they are moved to feeding lots where they limit their movement and feed them a diet of grains and corn. The only reason for this is to make them gain weight as fast as possible before being sold and taken to the slaughterhouses.

Grains and corn are not a natural food for cows. Many times they are also treated with antibiotics or hormones.


Pigs used to roam around in the woods and find their food. After being domesticated they were raised in small pastures and still ate a, for them, reasonable natural food.

Now there are more pig farms where they are very limited in their movement and are fed all types of food to let them gain weight before slaughter.

There are ways to buy this, what are called, heritage pork and I will tell you later about these options.


Poultry is no exception and I guess you have seen the pictures on TV with chicken being cooped up with thousands of other chickens?

They are fed food and antibiotics and sometimes even hormones to make them grow faster.

Where to buy natural meats

If you are lucky there is a farmers market or a farm in your neck of the wood where you can buy grass-fed and finished beef and naturally raised pork and chicken.

If you are not that lucky you can order this type of meats online from several websites. Many of you will probably know the Crowd Cow Company since they were one of the first ones to offer this service online.

I have done some research and have been writing about the best places to buy naturally raised meat online.

You can just go to one of these sites and order meat, but some of them call their meat grass-fed and many people think that this automatically means grass-finished also. This is, however, not the case.

In my research, I have read all the details about all these online meat stores and reviewed where their meat was coming from. After that, I researched the farms and this brought me to a conclusion.

I did this for all the farms that raise beef, pork or poultry and added all this information on my website to make it accessible for everyone.


The food that we eat can have a big effect on our health. Grass-fed contains more healthy fats then the meat from feeding lots.

Pigs that walk around and eat normally have healthier and better-tasting meat.

Meat from poultry that has not been raised in big barns tastes much better.

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