How to Make the Perfect Cheese Board

To make a proper cheese board you need some essentials.

To start, you need to have the obvious ingredient of cheese! Select a few of your favorite types of cheese, but don’t go overboard with it. A maximum of 5 different varieties is perfect depending on the size of the board you are using.

You also need to have different styles of crackers and maybe one or two different types of cured meats and other additions.

The Cheese

To start with the cheese, you want to try to find some with different shapes, colors, textures, and flavors. Having a strong variety makes it easier for plating the board and helps the cheese look more appetizing. After all, people tend to eat with their eyes before eating the food itself. If it doesn’t look nice, then people will be more likely to stay away from it.

Regarding which cheese to put on the board, it’s all up to personal preference. You can have a nice sharp cheddar cheese for a clean orange pop on the board. Maybe add some brie for people who like creamy texture. A block of gouda could also be a nice addition. Some people might even like a hard and grating style of cheese like an aged parmigiano-reggiano cheese. Again, a variety of flavors, color and texture are extremely important.


Having side additions is also very important. Your choice of non-cheese items also depends on the types of cheese you include. People tend to have different types of meats like capicola, prosuccito, and sopressata. Again, options are key because certain meats go better with different types of cheese.

Other popular sides on a cheese board would be grapes, dates, mustard, pesto, and crackers. These simple additions for more flavors, textures, and will pair well with cheese. It also helps you because it adds more to the board, which makes it easier to plate it in a nicer way. The more options to snack on, the better your cheese board.

Setting Up the Cheese Board

When setting up the board you want to emphasize the freshness of the ingredients and flavors. To start, take the cheeses and cut them in either blocks or slices. Lay them out carefully so it doesn’t look like a mess. The best way is to make simple rows from the top of the board to the bottom so it looks more organized. You want to make sure there is enough for each guest to have at least one of each type of cheese.

Next, add the meat. You can do this by either putting them in between the rows of cheese, or by giving them their own small section in one part of the board. With the little gaps in between the meats and cheeses, place the dried fruit and grapes to add pops of color for eye appeal.

If the board has little bowl cutouts on it, you can put your dishes for mustard, pesto, or any type of dippings there. If not, just a simple dish right next to the board will work fine.

Lastly, the crackers. Either have a separate place for them directly next to the cheese board, or lay them out on the board with everything else. If you place them on the board with all the cheeses on it, you want to try to put the different crackers next to the cheeses that they go well with.

Be creative while setting up your cheese board! This is a fancy looking snack, so you can make it look unique in your layout, how you display the meats and cheeses, and by alternating colors throughout the board.

Final Thoughts on Cheese Boards

Having a party can be stressful. There are a lot of things to do and with people coming over, you want to put on your best appearance. People love to snack at parties and a cheeseboard is perfect for that. Having a cheese board with tons of variety and color will go a long way to make any party enjoyable for everyone!

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