How To Save Money on Groceries Each Month

“I don’t like to save money!” said no one ever.

Yes, we all love great value and we’re happier when it comes with great savings.  Saving money on groceries can be a real challenge because we get so carried away when we see all that food stuff on display, ready for the taking…. eating, at our favorite supermarket.

But maybe things have gotten out of hand and you’ve decided it’s time to reign in your splurge on food stuff.  Here are some of the best ways to save money on groceries every week or month.

The following tips will help you save more and still eat well. 

Make a list

Make a master list.

Before each shopping trip, consult the master THEN check the cupboards and refrigerator to make the actual list to go shopping. After all, it’s so frustrating when we go from memory as we traverse the aisles and end up forgetting items we need.

Here are 3 master grocery list templates.

Use them to create your personalised grocery master list.

Check out the sales

Head over to and find previews of regularly updated promotional flyers plus a list of discounted goods from all around the USA. Save money on your groceries by browsing through discount flyers at For example, you can browse the Save Mart weekly ad or the Walgreens weekly ad.

That will give you an idea of what’s on sale from your list before you even get to the store.

Set your budget

More than likely, you have a set monthly budget for groceries.

Armed with your list, your general knowledge of prices from shopping at your favourite store plus discounts, specials offers and more, thanks to, you can now jot down an estimate beside each item on your list and calculate the total.  Of course, if your total is more than your budget then you need to adjust quantities downward. Sigh!

Once your list and budget are in sync, it’s time to head for the store.

Take the list with you and stick to it

You will save money and lots of time. Your list will be so organised that you will just whisk your way through the aisles  because your items on the list will be grouped according to how they are displayed at your favourite supermarket. No more going back to the other end of the store because you forgot something.

Now , it’s time to take control.  Not because something’s on sale means you need to stock up on more of it if you have enough at home.  C’mon, you put so much energy into carefully crafting your grocery list, you’ve got to stick with it. If it’s not on your list, don’t buy it.

Well, OK, if you realize you really, really, really forgot something you need, go ahead and get it but please, stick to your list.

Buy Generic Brands

Every store has a “store” brand that’s lots cheaper. You pay less and for most part, the product quality is just as good as those other brands. And yes, there may be very few items where this isn’t so, then by all means be a brand snob.

Use Cash

This one can be a real game-changer.

Grocery shopping with a card inevitably leads you to spend way more than you would like. So just take cash instead.

Follow these tips and one day, real soon, you’ll feel so proud of yourself as you head out of the store with super savings on those groceries.

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