Perfect Grill: How to Grill Steak Perfectly Every Time

Eating bad steak is worse than having no steak at all. Whether you are a pro-griller or you are new in the game, it’s possible to get the perfect steak. Follow these fantastic grilling tips in your next trial, and you’ll love the result!

1. Buy the right steak

If you want a perfect product, you must buy ideal meat. The best steak is that with an abundance of marbling – the specks of fat you see between the lean. When you heat the meat, the fat turns into flavor and makes the delicacy juicy and tender. Many people have been made to believe that filet mignon is the best meat, but that’s not the case because it lacks fat.

2. Start with room temperature steak

Many grillers are guilty of this mistake; they prepare their steaks directly from the cold fridge. If you do this, your meat will not cook evenly. The outer part will cook faster than the inside. To avoid this blunder, you should keep your steaks outside the fridge for about an hour before cooking them. Remove the wrapping, place the meat on a plate, and don’t season until it is at room temperature.

3. Season and let it seep in

Make sure you season and salt your steak generously. You will get the best result when you do so in advance to allow the flavor to seep in. Leave it for 12 hours in the fridge. It’s okay to use pre-made seasonings or blend one however you like it. While at it, you can make some sauce for after. However, make sure the meat has enough salt and pepper if you like hot steak.

4. Prepare your grill

Irrespective of what you are preparing, you must ensure that the grill gates are clean. Not only will you have an easy time flipping and removing the meat from the grill, but a clean grill doesn’t impart flavors from the previous meal. Use a stiff wire to brush the gates, and do this after you finish grilling and while the gates are still warm. Taking the time to brush off old bits of cooked-on food will pay off when removing the steaks because they won’t stick on.

5. Heat your fire

To achieve a crust on the outside and juicy taste on the inside, set two temperatures – one for preheating the grill and the other for cooking the meat. The benefits of cooking with a high temperature at first are that it will sear the steak and give it grill marks. To know if the heat is high enough, place your finger on the gates. You shouldn’t be able to place your hand on the grill for more than a second before it feels too hot and you need to withdraw.

6. Set the right temperature

Once you finish preheating the grill, the next step is to set the temperature for the meat. The desired temperature is to be determined by the level of doneness you prefer. Here is a brief guide on how to do it:

• Rare – 125 0F
• Medium rare – 135 0F
• Medium well – 150 0F
• Well-done – 160 0F

7. Know how to tell when the steak is ready

A good chef knows when their steak is prepared. While many people resort to the old way of touching the meat, there is a better way of doing it; experts call it the hand trick. Start by making an okay sign. Now, use these indicators to know if you should remove the meat from the heat.

• Rare: Use the base of your thumb to touch the pad. It should feel spongy with little resistance if any.

• Medium rare: Press your middle finger to your thumb and touch the pad. It should feel spongy with minimal resistance.

• Medium well: Press your ring finger to the thumb and feel the pad using the area below the thumb. It should feel less spongy with some resistance.

• Well-done: Press your pinky to the thumb. It should feel firm and not spongy.

8. Don’t play with the steak

Although it is good practice to touch the steaks to know when it’s done, you should avoid flipping, moving, and poking. Steaks must only be flipped once. If you need to move them, only do so when taking them from a place of high heat to a lower one. Don’t poke them with anything else other than your finger.

9. Let it rest

It is probably the most crucial step, yet the one that many people take for granted. Let the steaks sit on the grill for five to ten minutes before serving and cutting them. It gives the juices a chance to redistribute throughout the steak. When you leave the steak in your grill for a while, it will be juicy and flavorful.

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