Preparing for Your Christmas Feast

Delicious, indulgent food is the best part of Christmas for many people. Bringing family and friends together at the table to sit and enjoy the Christmas feast is the highlight of the day, which is why preparing for your Christmas dinner is so important. Here are some useful tips you can use this year to make things a bit easier.

Plan Your Menu

You might have some traditional dishes that you like to serve each year at Christmas, and it’s good to keep these family favorites on the menu. However, don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. Planning your menu allows you to search for different recipes and test them out before you go to Christmas grocery shopping. Once you have decided exactly what is going to make it onto your table this year, you can start filling your pantry with all the necessary ingredients.

Find Out About Dietary Requirements

Don’t forget to ask your guests about any dietary requirements they have before you start planning your Christmas menu. Even if the people you’re having over are relatives you’ve known for years, double-check to make sure there have been no changes, like an allergy that has developed in later years, or they have decided to follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. If this has happened, make sure you’re accommodating their requirements by making separate foods for them, and buying in suitable snacks like these vegan chocolates from, for example.


As delectable as your food might be on Christmas day, don’t forget to provide excellent drinks to go with it. For the adults in the house, a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate the festivities is always a nice treat during the holidays, and think about what kinds of wines will go well with the food you serve. Ask at your local store about this, or look it up online. Think about serving one or two themed or classic cocktails that can be enjoyed as a pre or post-dinner drink. For the kids, find some quality soft drinks that they can enjoy with their Christmas dinner.

Buy in Advance

Whatever you do, do NOT leave your Christmas food shopping until the last minute. The last thing you want is to have your menu plans derailed because there is no more of that crucial ingredient you need on the shelves. Clear some room in your freezer about a month before Christmas and store any perishables that can be frozen in there until you need them. Other things like canned goods or chutneys can be kept in your pantry.

Give Yourself Prep Time!

Finally, the last thing you want to do is be stuck in the kitchen all day on Christmas while everyone else is having a good time. Prep what you can in advance to give yourself more time on the day itself to spend with your family. Keep things in fridges or freezers to take out on the day, and cook/heat up with ease.

Make sure your Christmas dinner is a show-stopper this year with these top tips.

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