Selecting the Right Generator for Your Food Truck

Thinking of starting a food truck business? There are plenty of things you must think of before starting one. A crucial point to consider is how to provide the power needed to run a food truck business.

How much power you will need depends on what business you will be running. Some businesses need more power than others. The more appliances you need to run, the more power you will need.

As the truck itself won’t be able to produce that much energy, you must find a portable power solution. A portable generator can do the trick for you. However, there are things you must think of before getting one.

To select the right one, first, consider the following factors.

What Types of Generators Are Available?

You find can get two types of generators. They run on either diesel, propane, or in some cases, both.

Conventional generators have a classic design. They are comparatively inexpensive and have a longer running time. Their power production is also high. These traditional machines have high reliability, so they are the most common type of generator out there.

Inverter generators are the more expensive option. They are more efficient, quieter, and less harmful to the environment. However, they have weaker power output.

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What Is Your Power Requirement?

Your power needs will vary depending on the kind of food truck you will be running. Pay close attention to all the appliances you will be using and figure out their power usage.

Some devices use the same power level during their entire running time, like lighting and microwaves. Others use more power to start up than the rest of its running time, like fridges and grinders.

Sit down and calculate the watts used to run your appliances. This will help you find out what kind of power output you need from your generator.

Where Will You Keep the Generator?

Generators can run really hot. The longer it stays on, the hotter it will get. An overheated generator wears out faster. Why do overheated generators tend to break down?

When the engine heats up, the inner components may expand; some may melt. It can cause major damage to the engine. Before long, you will have to buy a new one.

This is why the size of your generator depends on how much space you have for it in the truck. Your generator can’t stay crammed in somewhere.

Stick to buying a generator that will fit in your truck. Keep it in a well-ventilated place, where it isn’t crowded. Also, make sure your truck can handle its weight.

How Long Will It Be Running?

Since food trucks are mobile businesses, the working hours are flexible. Some businesses run during a target time period of the day ( lunchtime or after hours, for example). Others may want to run for 10 hours or longer.

Every generator has a running time capacity. Before buying the generator, learn about its running capacity. If a generator with low running capacity runs for long hours, it will breakdown.

Calculate how long you will be running your generator. Choose a generator that runs for at least an hour longer than the time you require.

Remember that a more powerful generator has a shorter running time. For longer work hours, choose a less powerful one with better running time.

Noise Pollution?

Nothing will drive away customers like a noisy generator. People instantly dislike anything that makes a lot of noise.

A noisy generator is really bad for business. If you place your truck near a work area, people will be prone to avoiding your truck. You won’t be able to do business near schools or hospitals.

Every generator will make some noise. Go through the specifications to understand how much noise you have to deal with.

Say no to a generator that doesn’t even let you hear what order your customer is making. Don’t create noise pollution for your environment. Make sure the generator you choose makes very little noise.

Air Pollution?

Most generators emit some gases that are harmful to the environment. There are strict laws regarding such emissions. Choose a generator that emits less into the environment, especially as you will be working near it too.

Many areas now have rules about emissions. Find out if the area you are working in has strict laws regarding the use of environmentally friendly generators. Environment-related fines can be pretty expensive.

You can opt for an EVAP system generator. These generators control gas emissions and prevent the release of toxic gas into the air. These generators often tend to be quiet as well, as they are environmentally friendly.

Is the Generator You Need Budget-Friendly?

Buying the generator that meets all your requirements may not be easy on your pockets; it is difficult to find one that fulfills all your power needs and is budget-friendly.

Many people would want to buy a cheaper generator with low capacity or quality. Don’t compromise quality just to save a bit of money.

Remember that your portable generator is a good investment. If you buy a good one and maintain it properly, it will be worth the money.

Remember that buying expensive does not mean you’ll be getting the best product for you. Make sure you go through all the factors mentioned before choosing a generator.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right generator will enable you to run your food truck business smoothly. Buying a reliable generator will give you one less thing to worry about.

Figuring out which generator you need saves you from future trouble. You can focus on your work without having to worry about your power needs.

Since it is a long-term investment, consider all the factors mentioned above before making a decision.

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