Smoky Barbecue Ribs and the Best BBQ Sauce

Warmer days signal the start of barbecue season. From no frills charcoal grills to fancy gas grills ,the right tools make cooking out easy.

Just like any other task involving tools, having the proper barbecue utensils makes grilling a breeze. From digital thermometers to basting brushes to pizza peels, there are many tools to consider to get the job done.

Purchase a Grilling Thermometer

Grilling thermometers have gone high tech. Options range from talking thermometers to wireless probes to barbecue fork thermometers. Some thermometers are designed to sit right on the surface of the grill to ensure that the proper temperature is achieved prior to placing food on the grill. Other thermometers are designed with probes to insert directly into the food for an internal temperature read. The readout may be digital or a low tech dial. Personal preference will dictate which type is necessary to get the job done effectively.

Barbecue Tongs, Forks and Brushes

Most barbecuers consider a grill fork, spatula, set of tongs and a basting brush to be essential grilling tools. As a result, these four tare often sold in sets. Look for long-handled tools in stainless steel with wooden or rubber grips that fit comfortably in the hand. Choosing tools that are dishwasher safe and ones with hooks for hanging, adds to the convenience.

Specialty Tools for Barbecues

Grilling is not just for steaks and hot dogs any more. Specialty tools make grilling vegetables, sandwiches, meatballs and even pizza easy. Check out some of these devices designed to elevate the barbecue grill to an essential kitchen aid:

  • Kabob skewers and baskets allow creative and customized kabob making. Simply load the long skewer ,or the basket, with a variety of meats, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Place directly on the grill for easy, delicious shish-kabobs.
  • Meatball baskets are designed to hold meatballs for easy grilling. Load up the basket, lock it and place directly on the grill, flipping when necessary.
  • Vegetable baskets come in several varieties Some are more like trays with small slits. These hold small or thinly sliced vegetables more easily. Other varieties resemble baskets with long handles. These are usually hinged and designed to hold larger pieces of vegetables.
  • Pizza peels and stones specially designed for barbecues converts the grill into a pizza oven. Pizza can be grilled directly on the stone. The grilled pizza peel, made of stainless steel, is extra large to make moving hot pizza off the grill safer and easier.
  • A cast iron grill press squeezes fats from meats and keeps bacon, steak or other foods pressed flat while grilling. Weighing several pounds, the grill press is also great for sandwiches, stuffed French toast and paninis. Look for one that is pre-seasoned for a non-stick press.

From hot dogs and hamburgers to pizza and vegetables, the outdoor grill is a versatile option for preparing delicious foods. The right tools simply adds to the pleasure of outdoor cooking.

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