Why You Should Use Influencer Marketing To Promote Your Restaurant Online

Food apps, Food porn, Food Network…there’s absolutely no shortage of advertising consumption in the food industry.  We now operate in a digital age and restaurateurs can no longer place their reliance solely on word of mouth marketing. People (especially millennials) are now exploring various social media platforms when making their decisions to dine in a safe and comfortable restaurant, where they will be served sumptuous meals to tantalize their taste buds as they enjoy the company of friends and families and create fond memories.

An emerging marketing strategy that can be utilized by restaurant owners and which will bring tremendous rewards is influencer marketing. This social marketing involves the use of endorsements and product placements from influencers who have a strong influence in their field.  These influencers are not just celebrities but can be ordinary people known as bloggers, vloggers, and reviewers who have fans following them on social media as they share pictures, reviews, and videos.

This power of influence can significantly affect a person’s purchasing decision and many restaurants can experience significant growth by investing in this marketing opportunity. In an effort to reap the most rewards from this marketing strategy, there are some important points to consider.

It is imperative to select an influencer within the food and beverage industry – someone who loves and appreciates your product.   Promoting great food requires authenticity and as a result, it is better to select an influencer in your area as they will appear much more credible to potential customers in their review.

Research can also be conducted on different social media platforms in selecting the most ideal candidate to promote the business.  There are influencers in the food industry who already have a lot of followers and who have strong influences on their followers.

Influencer marketing is also about building relationships, not just with your customers but having a good relationship with influencers can garner mutual rewards.  As a restaurateur, you could offer complimentary meals, food tasting, or even request their involvement in crafting the message to potential customers. Their personal involvement is vital in an effort to transmit an authentic message.

We are also living in an age where influencer marketing is growing rapidly and as a result, there are agencies and marketing platforms that specialize in selecting the most ideal influencer to represent your business. Intellifluence is one of such platforms that offers a wide network of trusted influencers. You can visit their website at Intellifluence.com to gain more information on their exceptional offerings.

People are busy posting pictures and videos of their meals and you too can improve your brand by giving it the exposure it needs through influencer marketing. Research has shown that more than 71% of persons are more likely to visit a restaurant after seeing pictures posted on social media.  Influencer marketing is your way to get ahead of the competition and can be utilized regardless of the size or type of restaurant that you operate. Tap into this creative marketing strategy and enjoy the amazing rewards that it brings.

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