What Is The Future Of BBQ?

I have been grilling and smoking for many years now and have seen many trends come and go.
Some of them claimed to be the best thing ever but most of them did not last too long.

There are, however, a few things that are staying around and this might change the future of how we cook on the grill.

Pellet grills

The first trend that started a few years ago was the use of pellet grills.
For the people who do not know what a pellet grill is, here is a short description.

Pellet grills do not use charcoal or propane gas. They use pressed wood pellets that are fed in a firebox at a certain speed and this will keep the temperature of these types of grills very consistent is the claim.

In recent years I have seen the market being flooded with new models and upgrades of older models. Some of them even offer the option to control is with an app on your phone.

Pros of pellet grills.
The pros of pellet grill are constant temperature and the option to make very long sessions at low temperatures.

You can fill the hopper with pellets and this will feed the grill for many hours with fuel.

Cons of pellet grills.
The cons of pellet grills are in the used technology. The electronics that regulate the temperature can, like any electronics, fail and cause temperature spikes or lower temperatures.

The so-called set and forget that many companies claim does not work and you still need to monitor your cooking session.

Kamado grills

Many people think that this a new phenome but in Japan Kamado grills have been used for Kamado grills can be made of several materials but the best ones have a ceramic inside that will insulate very well and keep your grill on a very consistent temperature.

One of the main brands we have seen was the Big Green Egg and since that time many other brands have been on the market and jumped on the bandwagon.

Kamado grill brands have tried to take shortcuts and make steel versions with no ceramic inside but they do not perform as well as the original ones.

Pros of Kamado grills.
Kamado grill can be used for many types of grilling. From very hot to sear steaks to low and slow for smoking.

They are very durable and often easy to clean. Compared to a regular grill they use less charcoal.

Cons of Kamado grills.
The main cons are the high price. But since you pay what you get for this can be seen not as a con. The grill surface is in most cases a little small unless you pay for the larger models but that comes with a hefty price tag.

One of the cons is that the ceramic cooking chamber is sensitive to shocks and can break or crack. Replacing them is hard to do and often not an available option.

My opinion about the future of BBQ
I think trends will come and go and some of them like the ones I mentioned above will stick and develop a new way of outdoor cooking.

There will, however, always be the old school way that uses charcoal and propane gas since that has been a traditional way of grilling for centuries now.

I also think that things like pellet grills will be part of the future of grilling since we get more and more used to control all kinds of things with our cell phones or other devices.

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