What To Do For a Night In New York City

New York City is known around the world as the city that never sleeps. Places do not get nicknames like that for no reason. There are thousands of bars, restaurants, sites to see, and shows to see. Even just walking around the city at night, there is plenty of opportunity to stumble upon something that could be fun.

NYC Restaurants and Bars

New York City has thousands of different restaurants. Nearly every world famous chef has at least one in the city. There are some places that you’ll need to spend hundreds of dollars for, but the meal will be well worth it. Sometimes you can find a little hole in the wall place that could have the best $3 slice of pizza you’ve ever had in your life.

Whether you wind up in a Midtown, NYC restaurant, explore the eateries in Little Italy, or dine in Chinatown, there’s plenty of great food to find. Nobody knows what every restaurant in New York City has to offer, but by exploring at night you can definitely find something delicious.

The nightlife scene in New York is also unlike anywhere else in the world. They legally do not have to close until 4am, which gives plenty of opportunity to go from place to place. Thousands of nightclubs and bars are on nearly every corner in the city, which gives you plenty of different options to explore before the sun rises.

Site Seeing

The Staten Island Ferry runs through the evening and it’s 100% free. Running from St. George in Staten Island to Lower Manhattan, there is no other place in the city to get the views like you will there. You can see the Statue of Liberty as well as Ellis Island, just like many of our ancestors did. The skyline of Manhattan is unlike any other skyline in the world, with skyscrapers that are all lit up for miles down the river. While traveling across the water you almost feel like you are stealing these views because of the free ride!

To find some more of the best views and also get some cardio in, take a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge. One of the oldest suspension bridges in the country, this historic landmark is perfect for a calm evening. The city skyline looks incredible and you can see the lights reflect off the river on a clear and windless night. With the bridge being only 1.1 miles long, it should take around an hour to complete.


Time Square is also an incredible place to visit at night. You have the broadway shows nearby and the sheer amount of people in a few city blocks is mesmerizing. If you are hoping to catch a glimpse of the night sky filled with stars, Time Square is the last place you want to be – there are so many lights, you won’t be able to see any stars up above.

Buildings with advertisements line the streets and stand 10’s of stories high. There are people with costumes and entertainers walking around, restaurants and shopping galore, and plenty of opportunity to take pictures and capture an amazing memory!

If you have the time and money, there is no live theatre experience quite like a show on broadway!

Final Thoughts on New York City

It seems like the only way to have a dull night in New York City is to try to have a dull night. There always seems to be something to do. Between the best NYC restaurants, bars, Time Square, and other sites to see, being bored is a thing of the past when visiting the city that never sleeps!

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