Need to Feed a Crowd? Why a Taco Bar Is the Best Idea

It’s not the usual thing for a food to get a day to celebrate itself, but tacos are special in this way.

Not only did Americans eat 4.5 billion tacos in a year, but they also are a food that has an entire national holiday dedicated to them. That’s why when you’re giving people tacos, you can rest assured that you’re doing everything right.

If you’re hosting any kind of party, a taco bar is a great way to feed your guests. It’s unique in a way that ordering other foods isn’t, and it gives people a lot of variety when they’re choosing what to eat.

Here, we’re going to tell you why you should lose the boring pizza or wings and hire a taco bar for your event.

Everybody Loves Tacos

As evidenced by the fact that they have a national holiday dedicated to them, it seems safe to say that the vast majority of Americans think that tacos are pretty cool. There are different tacos for all times of the day, and since this is the case we can assume that they’re in high demand.

Another great thing about tacos is that they can accommodate everyone, no matter how hungry they are. If someone at your event just wants a little snack, they only need to make a couple of small tacos at your taco bar.

On the other hand, another guest might be absolutely starving, and they can put together a big meal.

Since there’s no right or wrong way to make a taco, there’s really no way not to love them.

Choices And More Choices

No matter what kind of food you like, there’s a taco out there for you.

Classic chicken, beef, pork, or fajita tacos are great, sure, and they’re definitely nothing to sneeze at. But there are a lot of types of taco that you may not think of immediately that are just as good… if not better.

Fish tacos and tacos made with brisket are excellent for carnivorous adventurers. Another cheap way to add more choices to your taco bar menu is to get many different and unique flavors of sauces.

Tasting adventure is for vegetarians, too.

There are tacos with squash blossoms inside them for vegetarians, which are complemented by other vegetarian tacos made with shiitake mushrooms. Or, for even more interesting flavors, try some relish and crispy onions!

When you experiment with different ingredients and are bold with what you put at your taco bar, you give both traditional taco enthusiasts and food adventurers options that are sure to make everyone smile.

Options For Everyone

When you have a big group of people in one place, there are going to be a lot of dietary restrictions. One of the most common diets is vegetarianism. In fact, 7.3 million Americans are vegetarians, and 22.8 million more follow a vegetarian-inclined diet. That’s a huge number!

When you set up a taco bar, it’s easy to accommodate this big population. Just put some fajita veggies out with the taco meat, and everyone will be happy. People eating meat tacos and vegetarian tacos can use all the same other ingredients, so being accommodating is cheap and easy here.

Taco bars also easily accommodate common allergies.

There are probably not going to be any nuts at a taco bar unless you have some odd fusion happening. Dairy allergies are easily taken care of because people can avoid the cheese if they need to.

For those with gluten allergies, it’s also really simple to substitute a flour or corn tortilla with a lettuce wrap, or to turn their taco into a taco salad!

Set-Up Is Simple

When you’re making a meal for just you and a couple other people, there are lots of awesome recipes that you can try.

That’s awesome, and you should definitely try cooking things like Moroccan braised beef when you have time and want to experiment, but a big party or event probably isn’t the right time for that.

When you have a lot of mouths to feed, you want something that’s quick and doesn’t require a lot of set-up. A taco bar is great for this reason. It’s fast and all you have to do is lay out the various ingredients and fillings.

Since people choose what to put into the tacos by themselves, you don’t have to worry about cooking for a lot of people or agonizing over a menu. A taco bar gives people all the mouth-watering deliciousness of great cooking in an efficient and speedy way.

Affordable Taste

Another awesome thing about taco bars is that they aren’t super expensive. Instead of having to order a ton of pizzas or wings with sauces or toppings that people might not even like, hiring a taco bar lets you just buy the ingredients in bulk.

Since taco bars let people pick what the want, you just need to buy ingredients, which is cheaper than buying put-together meals.

Also, unlike a lot of other, pre-made food, the leftovers can be either taken home by guests who will use them or save them for your next event!

If you’re wondering, where’s the best taco catering near me? Check out Soho Taco for a great taste at affordable prices.

Get A Taco Bar!

Taco bars aren’t just delicious, but they’re easy and affordable. Next time you have an event, definitely think about getting a taco bar. It’s definitely the way to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to food.

Now that you know all the reason that you should get a taco bar to feed your group, visit our contact page for more information on how to get the best foods for your event.

Bon appetit!

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One thought on “Need to Feed a Crowd? Why a Taco Bar Is the Best Idea

  1. Patty Trujillo

    I just LOVE Tacos but never thought about feeding it to my guests. I think this is a good idea. We have a get together that is scheduled for a couple weeks from now. I am definitely going to use Tacos as the main food that will be offered. It will result in us using less time to prepare the meal and the guests get to choose their topping. Something will be there for everyone.

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