Why You Should Invest In Kitchen Essentials Cookware

I know that buying cheap stuff is always a big temptation. Whenever there’s a big sale going on or whenever an item gets a marked down price, it’s really hard to resist the urge to buy miscellaneous items. And even though at times you do buy items that you actually need, the quality is substandard so you end up replacing them anyway. You end up wasting a whole lot of money because you fall a little too easily for cheap marketing ploys like this – not that, I’m one to talk though.

It’s no secret that consumers are easily drawn to high discount sales and promotions. I mean, who wouldn’t want to save a few bucks on their purchase right? It has been proven and tested in marketing history that using sales as a lure to get more customers in is always effective. You can have the crappiest product in the world but if you sell them for “two at the price of one,” I’m pretty sure that you’ll still have customers flocking.

But what does this teach us, consumers? This should teach us that deals that are too good to be true are really untrue sometimes. We may get more in quantity but the quality will surely disappoint. And in the end, you’ll have to buy something that’s more durable and effective. This is especially true when it comes to essential cookware.

Why You Shouldn’t Fall For The Commercial Trap

Now, who here stays up late watching TV? Well, probably all of us on some days. There are definitely times when we don’t feel like going to bed right away and so we turn on the TV to see what’s cooking – literally.

Late night TV would usually mean commercial ads. Wherein, a seemingly charismatic guy or girl would rave on and on about certain products – they will show you all kinds of ways to use it, how it’s unbreakable, how it’s 100% worth your money, and why you should call within a certain time period to avail a flash sale. They would even do flashy deals such as “Get $100 off” or “Get this ultimate knife set for free when you purchase the best cooking pot set.” When you come across ads like this, your maternal instincts just go haywire. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a full-time housewife or a working mom, flash sales will still drive out your womanly crazies.

So, you end up buying. You make the call and you have “amazing products” delivered to your doorstep.

Upon arrival, they will look nice. You would think that you have made the perfect purchase. You would even think about how lucky you are to buy it just when the flash sale is going on. But wait till the warranty period is over. You’ll regret your purchase soon enough.

I don’t know how they do it, really. Or maybe, it’s more like a gamble. They create a product that is presentable and would last long enough to wait out the warranty period. Once the return and exchange policy is no more, the items you purchase start acting up. The non-stick pan eventually starts “sticking.” The durable spin mop doesn’t spin no more. The memory foam pillow is now nothing but a sack of cheap cotton.

I bet these companies release their products and promise the moon and stars to their consumers with their fingers crossed. They’re probably like “Please don’t give out until the warranty period is over.”

Anyway, after all is said and done, you still end up buying quality items. You just had to make that failed purchase to realize that no good ever comes from buying cheap deals. You waste time, effort, and most importantly, money. If you just bought quality items in the first place, you wouldn’t have to trouble yourself ordering the same things again.

Why Invest In Quality Kitchenware

What we discussed above strongly applies to the purchase of kitchenware. If you’re a kitchen mom like me, then cooking for the family must be one of your most favorite hobbies. And because you love the kitchen, you can’t help but be there most of the time. This means that you have to use your pots and pans all the time, as well as other kitchen appliances. Frequent use would wear out cheap items easily. This is why you have to invest in quality goods as much as you can.

Sure, this means shelling out more. However, a few extra bucks is nothing if it would mean that you get to use the products for far longer. Not to mention, quality products perform more efficiently so they are definitely handier!

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